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Agents asked Papadopoulos about his interactions with the Russians.Even though he must have known that hundreds of his emails on the subject would soon be available to the FBI, he lied and told the agents that the contacts had occurred many months before he joined the campaign.

I asked him whether he thought he had a shot at winning. “I have hired a very famous political consultant from Washington,” he said. Mutual acquaintances told me he still lived in a nice neighborhood in Northern Virginia, but they never could figure out what the hell he did to earn his money.

Trump fans announced that the indictments were proof that there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians—or, in the crisp, emphatic phrasing of a tweet by the world’s Number One Trump Fan, Donald Trump: “NO COLLUSION!!!!

” The Russian-scandal fetishists in the press corps replied in chorus: It’s still early!

Without much effort, the femme fatale convinces Papadopoulus that she is Vladimir Putin’s niece.

(“I weel tell z’American I em niece of Great Leader! ”) Over the next several months our hero sends many emails to campaign officials and to the Professor, trying to arrange a meeting between them.

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