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the problem is a lot of couples will prioritise other things but not their relationship.If something in the sex life or relationship needs work, you actually need to put the time aside to work on it. It takes quite a long time for their sex life to deteriorate so it can also take time to build it back up again,” she told Ms Woodbridge argues that if you have can make the time for all the other goings-on in your life, there is no reason why the same principle can’t be applied to your sex life. “Quite often couples will say they haven’t had time but they are able to stay late at work for a last minute project or able to get the marathon training run in.“I never cease to be amazed by the number of couples who tell me they can’t remember the last time they kissed passionately together.Sometimes one person in the couple can feel under pressure to have sex after a passionate kiss or any kind of touch, so make it clear that it doesn’t have to lead to anything.On the internet, in self-help books and in magazine agony aunt columns there is a sea of advice on how couples can keep their sex lives alive.The conflicting plethora of dos and don’ts can be overwhelming and further fuel the anxiety some couples have over whether they are doing things right, as well as making them confused about how to get things back on track if the sexual side of their relationship has began to stagnate.

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